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Welcome to Mangal Saffron – where every grain embodies the essence of prosperity, goodness, and auspiciousness. Mangal Saffron is a brand registered under Anand Mangal & Company. Our name, "Mangal," resonates with the ethos of well-being, as it signifies the fulfilment of everyone's desires and aspirations. "Sabhi ka Mangal Ho" – a phrase that encapsulates our commitment to spreading joy and prosperity in every aspect of life.

At Mangal Saffron, we believe in the seamless amalgamation of taste and tradition. Our tagline, "Swaad aur Rasmon ka Anutha Sangham," reflects our dedication to enriching every ritual with the unparalleled taste of our products. From the birth of a child to the final rites, saffron holds a sacred place in every ceremony, and we take pride in being a part of these divine traditions.

We are purveyors of 100% pure saffron, untouched by any artificial processing such as colours or aroma. Our saffron is a testament to purity, naturalness, and above all, health. Mangal Saffron is committed to delivering only the finest, unadulterated saffron to our discerning customers.

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Our mission at Mangal Saffron extends beyond mere transactions – it is a commitment to building enduring bonds, akin to family relations. We aspire to be present in every occasion, celebrating life's moments with our valued customers, just like a trusted family member.

Central to our mission is the cultivation of trust on a global scale. We endeavor to be recognized as a benchmark of excellence in the realm of premium, healthy, and pure products. Through unwavering dedication to quality and integrity, we seek to earn the esteemed reputation of being synonymous with purity [Shuddh].


Our vision at Mangal Saffron is to establish a brand synonymous with natural, premium products, devoid of any preservatives. We aim to create a product range that not only delights the palate but also safeguards health by steering clear of any harmful additives. Our current offering includes saffron and flavored powders, with plans to introduce premium mouth fresheners, chocolates, flavored drinks, and liquids in the future. We take pride in ensuring that every product we launch is free from preservatives, safeguarding our customers against diseases and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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